Shihan Quitadamo began martial arts training over 25 years ago in Danzanryu Jiu‐jutsu under Sensei Ron Jennings. During this time he met Professor Wally Jay, an international jiu‐jutsu expert. After jiu‐jutsu, Kyu Quitadamo began training under Sempai Tommy Burris and later under Sensei John Adams in Dentoteki Karate, an unrecognized branch of Kyokushin under Sensei Don Allen. Quitadamo remained with Sensei Adams when he left Dentoteki and joined IKO‐Matsushima under Shihan Roman Szyrajew. Senpai Quitadamo graded to nidan shortly after Shihan Adams switched to IKO‐Matsushima, and graded to sandan (2002) and yondan (2006) at the 1st and 2nd IKO World Cup tournaments in Maine, USA and Sydney, Australia officiated by Kancho Yoshikazu Matsushima and Hanshi John Taylor.

Over the past 25 years, Shihan Quitadamo has hosted and participated in the Kyokushin Challenge and Kyokushin Open Karate tournaments, annual summer camps, and various activities for the United States branch of IKO‐Matsushima. Shihan Quitadamo founded the Central Kyokushin Karate dojo 15 years ago, where it has grown from 4 students to many diverse community members.

The Central Kyokushin dojo hosted the annual Kyokushin Challenge (with guest of honor Kancho Matsushima), international open tournaments that drew over 70 full contact fighters from across the U.S. and several countries. Shihan Quitadamo is an IKO‐certified (#0039) corner judge and served in major international events, including the 1st and 2nd World Cup tournaments, and as center referee (#0136) at numerous regional and national venues that include the Kyokushin Challenge and Kyokushin Open karate tournaments.

The Central Kyokushin dojo has performed many demonstrations for academic, business, and other groups and has also co‐produced a self defense DVD. Shihan Quitadamo’s last international knockdown competition was the 2009 Kyokushin Challenge in Seattle, WA. Prior to that it was the 2000 Mas Oyama Memorial Cup in Montreal, Canada where he competed in the men’s unlimited heavyweight division. Shihan Quitadamo’s students have performed well in competition, including multiple first, second, and third place finishes in recent Kyokushin Challenge and Kyokushin Open tournaments. Seven of Shihan Quitadamo’s students have earned spots on the United States knockdown team and competed around the world, including Sarah Woolley, who was awarded a 4th place finish at the 2004 World Tournament in Japan.

Shihan Quitadamo’s dojo philosophy is to help everyone, regardless of their physical and mental ability, to become their most authentic self through Kyokushin training. Everyone is welcome in his dojo family, regardless of color, creed, religion, sexual preference, or life experience. Shihan Quitadamo believes in the inherent value of every person, that hard training is a path to enlightenment, and that one should never stop learning, from as many different perspectives as possible. Working together, everyone can discover the ultimate truth for themselves.