Training | Become Self Aware

Our internationally-certified instructors can expertly determine your individual strengths and weaknesses and help you become the person you were always meant to be. Learn from instructors at home and at seminars and camps in mountain, forest, and ocean locations, both in the U.S. and around the world.

In addition to general training, we conduct special training such as rock breaking, board breaking, mountain, water and snow training to develop a calm focus and build power. We also teach and perform demonstrations for a variety of community events, including the American Cancer Society Relay for Life charity, local public schools, and others.

Self Defense | Overcome Adversity

Kyokushin emphasizes practical self-defense against one or multiple combatants, with or without weapons, standing up or on the ground. Students are taught how to effectively defend themselves, develop situational awareness, generate true defensive power, and build a personal code of conduct in the service of others.

Grading | Test Yourself

We hold regular kyu belt gradings that give students opportunity to test their physical and mental knowledge and skills. We also hold regular blackbelt grading for qualified candidates. Grading includes a power test (physical conditioning), kihon (basics), kata (forms), kobuto (weapons), goshin-jutsu (self defense), and kumite (fighting). 

Tournaments | Compete

Our Kyokushin karate tournaments are open to all styles and competitors. We offer a full range of competitive opportunities depending on student interest, experience, and skill, from novices to world-class international athletes. Tournaments may offer several divisions, including padded fighting, bare-knuckle knockdown kumite, and competitive kata divisions for youth, women, and men.

Become part of our dojo family! Designed for adult students and kids ages 8 and up who want to be challenged to discover their physical, mental, and emotional potential. No experience necessary. Family and group discounts available.

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